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Surveillance tech and nosey neighbours

Exploration of neighbours' rights when householders deploy surveillance tech.

Child safety on a video-sharing platform

Protecting children from harmful video-streaming content

Kris Proposes Drone Delivery

How UK drone legislation would affect modernisation of Santa's deliveries

Data protection representative actions: door slammed shut or door ajar?

Ramifications of the Supreme Court's decision in the Lloyd v Google litigation.

The Emperor's New Tokens?

An exploration of the legal nature of NFTs for digital art

Keeping it ethical

Ethical AI and compliance with the draft EU AI Regulation in an EdTech context

At the AI's discretion

Legal implications of AI exercising a contractual discretion to prevent sales

Computer says "Go!"

Driver liability when "eyes off/hands off" automation fails

Track it with a Smart Contract?

The promise and limitations of Smart Contracts for human-provided services.

You've been hacked. Now pay us £££! (Part 2)

Liability arising out of cyber attack involving highly confidential client data

You've been hacked. Now pay us £££! (Part 1)

Response to a ransomware attack and threat to confidential data.

Give me my Bitcoin back!

The legal nature of Bitcoin and the practicalities of recovering cryptoassets taken by fraud.

Is your bot talking $£!? about me again?

Defamation by AI: who is liable and what defences are available?

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