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Keeping it ethical

Ethical AI and compliance with the draft EU AI Regulation in an EdTech context

At the AI's discretion

Legal implications of AI exercising a contractual discretion to prevent sales

Computer says "Go!"

Driver liability when "eyes off/hands off" automation fails

The Black Box problem

Explaining AI decisions

Track it with a Smart Contract?

The promise and limitations of Smart Contracts for human-provided services.

You've been hacked. Now pay us £££! (Part 2)

Liability arising out of cyber attack involving highly confidential client data

You've been hacked. Now pay us £££! (Part 1)

Response to a ransomware attack and threat to confidential data.

Give me my Bitcoin back!

The legal nature of Bitcoin and the practicalities of recovering cryptoassets taken by fraud.

Is your bot talking $£!? about me again?

Defamation by AI: who is liable and what defences are available?

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